London’s Best Low and No ABV Cocktails for Dry January

As we count the days until the end of Dry January – and well done to those of you who’ve stuck it out the last 17 days – we look at a mix of Low & No ABV cocktails, the perfect solution for the dedicated souls who need some inspiration, and the not-so-perfect amongst us who’ve give it a good bash but need a little hit of something stronger to get us through what is possibly the dullest month of the year.

5 to 7 at St James Bar, London

Taking patrons on an inspirational flavour journey across the globe, the 5 to 7 at St James Bar conjures up nostalgic memories of summer, this cocktail made from Campari-infused coffee, Amaro Montenegro, pink grapefruit and soda, making a light and refreshing Italian low ABV sprit.

Amplified Espresso Martini at Skylight Rooftop, London

With Amplify, a non-alcoholic spirit as its base, the Amplified Espresso Martini at Skylight Rooftop is the perfect ‘dry’ twist on the classic cocktail (that also contains a strong, cold brewed coffee, light honey syrup and pinch of salt), allowing resolution makers to sip this completely guilt free. Just watch out for the inevitable caffeine hit people.

Tea Light Spritz at Coupette , London

A great non-alcoholic alternative to Champagne, Prosecco and Cava, Saicho is new sparkling tea brand that cold-brews teas for twenty-four hours, extracting the most delicate and complex flavours from the leaves, creating an effervescent non-alcoholic tipple which Coupette take advantage of in this spritz.

Escape at American Bar , London

Comprising Seedlip Spice, Aecorn Dry, pineapple and cinnamon shrub, apple, lime, non-alcoholic Absinthe, ‘Escape’ at American Bar is an elegant long drink and Dry January dream, and with the ‘The Savoy Songbook’ menu boasting additional alcohol free cocktails, we know where we’ll be hanging out for the remainder of the month.

Francesca Lloyd Jones

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