Avoiding Cocktail Disappointment During the Festive Season

As they say, life’s short, meaning it’s definitely too short to drink cocktails that are anything less than the best, and with the average Londoner drinking around ten cocktails a month , not only are over one third of drinkers disappointed with the taste of cocktails they’re served, waiting a colossal 14 minutes for it to arrive. Tired of waiting, data shows that over a quarter of consumers will leave the bar having grown tired of waiting for their drink. 

In a bid to avoid disappointment this Christmas, bartenders – over two thirds may we add – have stated that batched cocktails hold the key, delivering a quality, perfect serve every time, and in a matter of seconds, and with brands including Tails Cocktails, Mr Lyan and Seedlip’s NO-gronis each making waves on the London scene, the truth is out there, batching really is best.

More interesting statistics and findings from Tails Cocktails include:

  • Current market value stands at a whopping £578million showing how the UK’s demand for cocktails is skyrocketing
  • A fifth of consumers have had to change their order to a simpler drink because of the longer wait times
  • Whilst the average wait time for consumers is 8.6 minutes, the average longest is 14.3 minutes
  • 81% of consumers say taste is the most important aspect in a cocktail yet a third of these have been disappointed because it didn’t taste like what they ordered.
  • 69% of bartenders have said they find batching cocktails improves the quality of serve in their bar, showing the demand for batched cocktails is greater than ever, and in a city like London who are consuming the most in the UK, this really could revolutionise the scene.

Francesca Lloyd Jones

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