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Avoid Anxiety as a First Time Traveller

Although we’re unable to move around freely at the moment – and at times, the light at the end of the tunnel seems a long way off – we all remain hopeful that in the not-so-distant future, we’ll once again be using air and sea – albeit more consciously than before the Covid-19 pandemic hit – as methods of transport and as ways to see the world.

An experience that enlightens the soul, travel can also cause anxiety, especially for those embarking on their first trips or, travelling alone or far from home, and as the adrenaline rises it’s good to have some ‘tricks up those sleeves’, to help keep nerves at bay.

Be prepared – If you’re new to all of this travelling lark it’s good to be well informed, and how best to be informed, by asking questions. Lots of questions. Reading is also a great way to learn about the places you’ll be visiting and from guidebooks to social media and online reviews, you should be able to build up a visual picture of where you’re headed and as an added bonus, you’ll save time at the destination as you’ll have a good idea of what you want to see and the best ways to do so.

Be organised – Know where your passport is, apply for the Visa, make sure you have sufficient medication, and pack ahead of time. It goes without saying but a little preparation goes a long way and helps mitigate problems on the day of travel. After all, nobody wants to turn up to the airport without their correct travel documents or even worse, on the wrong day.

Perhaps you’re more afraid of the journey itself; a nervous flyer or somebody who suffers with travel sickness. Bringing distractions is a great way to not only pass the potentially long journey, but to stop the mind from wandering and allowing the anxiety levels to rise once more. Books, games and music are all great forms of diversion, something that many of us are learning about during these exceptional times of the Coronavirus.

Although being organised and prepared will help in the long run, it does give those worried about travelling, longer to think about it. In order to ease negative thoughts, online therapy can help, from guided meditations, panic attack and anxiety relief, apps specifically created to facilitate relaxation and sleep to cognitive card games, there’s something out there for every type of traveller, enabling you to leave your comfort zone with a healthy mind and zest for the safe trip that awaits you.